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Geroge g toudouze was a French author who wrote three skeleton key

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Q: What is george g toudouze biography?
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When did george g toudouze die?


Who is the author of Three Skeleton Key?

The author of "Three Skeleton Key" is George G. Toudouze. The story was first published in 1937.

Where was George G. Toudouze born?

George G. Toudouze was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

When was george g toudouze born?

June 22, 1877

What is the author's name in Three Skeleton Key?

George G. Toudouze

What other books did George G Toudouze write?

George G. Toudouze is best known for his novel "The Poseidon Adventure," which was published in 1969 and later made into a popular movie. He primarily focused on writing short stories and articles for various publications, with limited information available on any other full-length books he may have authored.

When did Georges Toudouze die?

Georges Toudouze died in 1974.

When was Michael Toudouze born?

Michael Toudouze was born on 1983-04-27.

Does the story three skeleton key have an acrostic poem?

No, "Three Skeleton Key" by George G. Toudouze does not have an acrostic poem associated with it. The story is a suspenseful tale about three lighthouse keepers who must defend their lighthouse from a horde of rats.

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