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Herodotus was a Greek Historian who lived from 484 BCE to 425 BCE. He was one of the first writers to bring together historical accounts with a vivid narrative. He is mostly known for his writing of The Histories.

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Herodotus was famous for writing about what really happened in the past. The people of his time, where he came from, believed that everything happened because of the Greek gods, and that the gods had control over everything that happens. Herodotus thought differently. He believed that people should be remembered for what they had done, not what the gods did. Therefore, he tried to find out what happened in the past and write about it. He was called "the father of history."

The answer is The Histories

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He is famous for writing The History of the Persian Wars.

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Q: What is herodotus famous for writing?
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Herodotus is famous for writing?

a grandfather

What was Herodotus famous for?

He was famous for writing what really happened in the past.

What made herodotus famous?

It was his appeal to history and his way of writing it in prose in "histories". At the time everything was written in verse.

What is Herodotus famous for?

a phsyco path

Who was surnames the father of history?

Herodotes of Halicanarssus, he was called thus because of his Historiae, which was one of the first tries at writing objective history.

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Who were the two founders of Greek historical writing?

The two founders of Greek historical writing were Herodotus and Thucydides. While they had different styles, they attempted to be truthful and forthright.

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Which Greek historian wrote old stories about ancient people?

Pindar and Pausanias.

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Who founded history?

History, as a subject of study and writing, was founded by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus.

A famous greek historian?

One of the greatest Greek historians was Herodotus. He was a historian that lived from 484 to 425 BC. He was born in Caria.