What is impersonal imagination?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Impersonal imagination is thinking outside of the boundaries of who you are or what it is that you usually think about. It makes you think about things from different points of view since it is outside of your usual element.

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Q: What is impersonal imagination?
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What is the prefix for personal?

"im", as in impersonal.

What is the content for an impersonal communication?

what is the effectivness of some impersonal comunication?

What is a sentence for the word impersonal?

stop being too impersonal

Opposite of personal?

The oppsite word for personal is impersonal.

What is the root word for the word impersonal?

The root word for "impersonal" is "personal." "Impersonal" is formed by adding the prefix "im-" to "personal" to indicate the negation or absence of personal characteristics.

What is the example of impersonal pronoun?

An example of an impersonal pronoun is "one," as in "One must always be prepared for the unexpected." In this sentence, "one" is used to refer to an unspecified person in a general sense.

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How does ''interpersonal relationship'' differ from ''impersonal relationship''?

Interpersonal means "between people." Impersonal means cold; aloof; without feeling.

What is impersonal?

From the WA dictionary:adj.Lacking personality; not being a person: an impersonal force.Showing no emotion or personality: an aloof, impersonal manner.Having no personal reference or connection: an impersonal remark.Not responsive to or expressive of human personalities: a large, impersonal corporation.In a sentecne:"The man on the phone had a very impersonal attitude in his voice."