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Q: What is it called if you exchange for some thing else?
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What is something?

something is a thing that is some. or one thing that is not everything else.

What do you mean by exchange in marketing?

to shop some where like in the market and change or re place some thing

What do children lie about?

when they do some thing wrong and they blame it on some one else

What is it called when a character compares some thing to another thing?

It is called an analogy

What is the name traditional dance of Mexico?

falmingo and some thing else

What was the system of exchange in New York?

The American Exchange, Dow Jones, and the Commodities Exchange together form what is popularily called the Stock Market- but Three market exchanges are involved- New York Stock Exchange, American Exchange, and Comex- or commodities exchange. Some men topple derricks, I am told, some hoard bars of silver, some of Gold!

What would make your best friend happy on her birthday?

get her or him some thing that you know knowone else will get them and some thing u know there will love!

What is it called when you have some one else do your dirty work?

It's called delegation.

What to do if woozworld doesnt load?

Play some thing else thats what i always do :)

Diminishing returns to a factor?

leave this bloody question do some thing else .

What are the 4 dementions in math?

length, width, depth, and some thing else

What does indentured servant?

A person who bounds himself or herself to serve some one for a certain period of time in exchange for something else.