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The assembly line method of production. Brought to the forefront by Henry Ford in his production of the Model T. Soon used for other consumer goods during the 1920s such as refrigerators and radios (wirelesses).

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Q: What is it called when each worker performs an assigned task again and again at a certain stage in the production of a product?
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Why is factory overhead assigned to individual jobs?

The reason to do that is to keep each job separately so we know the cost of production for each product.

Duties and responsibilities of production worker?

A production worker performs repetitive tasks to complete a product or service in a consistent and correct manner. She may also be required to input information into a system, reporting the amount of work or problems with products or services. In simple terms, production workers actually produce the product and/or deliver the service

How cell work as open system?

cell works as an open system i.e it takes in substances needed for metabolic activity through its cell membrane.Then it performs its metabolic processes assigned to it .Product and by-product are form in metabolism.Cell either utilizes the product or transport them to other cells.The by-product either stored out of the cell.

How does mass production work?

mass production is set up to were only one part is made in a certain department and the same for the rest of the parts then the product is put on an assembly line where 1 person or machine assembles the same part of the product over and over again. until the product reaches the end of the line where the product is complete.

What is the monetary value assigned to a product or service?


What statement best describes the term price?

Price refers to the amount of money that is required to acquire a product or service. It is the value assigned to goods or services in exchange for them in a transaction. The price of a product is typically influenced by factors such as supply and demand, cost of production, and market conditions.

Contrast product and production concept?

There are a few different contrasts between product and production concept. Production concept is the general idea of how something will be done and product is what is actually produced.

What is a product in production?

A product is the end result of production. Production is making something or putting something together. Like 7+4=11. :)

A sentence with the words product and production in the same sentence?

Production of our new product will begin next week.

What are the three levels of production?

Core customer value actual product augmented product

What is the difference between production and production function?

Product functionality is what it does. Product design is what it looks like/how it's built.

What is the base or root word for production?

The base or root word for "production" is "produce."