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Q: What is lend lease policy?
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What was the policy of loaning materials to the british called?


In order to aid the british roosevelt promoted the policy of?

Lend-Lease Act

What act let America send supplies to England during World War 2?

Answer Lend Lease Act

What is the policy in which the US would lend war equipment to any country whose defense was deemed vital to the US?

The lend Lease program

How was the lend-lease program a significant depature from the policy of neutrality?

The Lend-Lease program was a note-worthy departure from neutrality because then US was openly supporting a known enemy of Germany and the Lend-Lease program later led to even more support to England and it's war with Nazi Germany .

How to use lend-lease act in a sentence?

lend-lease represented a substantial credit expansion, is an example of a sentence using lend-lease act.

What is Lend Lease Communities's population?

Lend Lease Communities's population is 400.

When was Lend Lease Communities created?

Lend Lease Communities was created in 1958.

When was Lend Lease Group created?

Lend Lease Group was created in 1958.

What is the population of Lend Lease Group?

The population of Lend Lease Group is 30,000.

When was Lend Lease Infrastructure created?

Lend Lease Infrastructure was created in 2004.

When was Lend Lease Retirement created?

Lend Lease Retirement was created in 1992.