What is liquid paper?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Liquid paper is like white-out.If you're using a pen,and you mess up, use liquid paper like white-out.

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Q: What is liquid paper?
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What if liquid paper is ingested?

Liquid paper is paint, if ingested go to the hospital.

How does a paper towel work?

The paper absorbs liquid

How does paper towel work?

The paper absorbs liquid

What are the uses triple?

# to sold the paper to liquid # to clammers # to saperate to liquid-liquid

Is paper a liquid?

No, it is a solid.

Who invented the liquid paper?

Bette Nesmith Graham invented Liquid paper in 1951.

Who help make liquid paper?

Bette Nesmith Graham's son's chemistry teacher helped improve Liquid Paper.

When was the liquid paper invented?

in 1951

Is paper a liquid or a gas?


How is white out made?

White out is a common name given to liquid paper. The main ingredient in liquid paper is white tempura paint.

What do you call the liquid that passes through the filter paper?

It is called the filtrate. What remains on the paper is called the residue.

What is liquid paper madeupof?

Liquid Paper is a brand of the Newell Rubbermaid company that sells correction fluid, correction pen and correction tape.