What is motavation?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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somebody who encourage you to do something .(they pushing in into doing something ) ex. like your mother is motivation you to be a singer

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Q: What is motavation?
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What is an synonym and antonym for aviation?

motavation respect

What are the components of motavation?

it means that you are very strong and willing

What was Ned Kellys motavation to rob kill?

Neds motavation to kill and rob , was because , when he was a little boy the , Police mistreated all the Kelly's.Also when he was a young boy he saved a boy from drouning.

What is martin Luther king jr leadership traits?

Speech, motavation

What is Taylor Swift's inpriation?

Taylor often says break-ups and relationships are her motavation for her best songs.

What was the motavation for starting the southern colonies?

The motivation for starting the southern colonies was found quite by accident. Due to a storm at sea, the people that were trying to land ships at Plymouth were forced to make land fall farther south. After the people were there for a while, they realized they could grow tobacco and cotton.

What does the inukshuk?

The Inukshuk means "likeness of a person." It was first used by the Inuit people to mark trails, indicae caches of food, locate nearby settlements, ans also good placess to hunt or fish. The Inukshuk embodies the spirit and persitance of the Inuit who live and flourish in Northern Canada. The Inukshuk represents strength, leadership, and motavation.

What was the motavation for tanks during World War 1 and World War 2?

The basic motivation was to have a mobile armoured gun where the crew would be protected from rifle and machine gun fire. - During WW2 this motivation changed to many other things such as having a mobile armoured gun that could destroy other such vehicles, and lead attacks.

How does divorce affect a child's motavation?

it effects them cause i mean at first we really dont get what happened. Then we blame ourselves cause we think its our fault. next we get mad at our parents for ruining our lives so i mean it really effects us. my parents divorced and it really tore me up but now im ok with it i guess.

What is science project that has to do with dirt bikes?

Let me guess you got a science project you really dont wanna do and are looking for motavation and are doing it on your weekend hobby... dirtbikes. well trust me ive been there and theres hundreds of posibiities. my personal favorite is when you continue making small adjustments to the bike.(changing air filters hoses. etc) and see which way you can get the best gas

Does any one have any advice for a newbee here?

if you wanna loss weight then you have to have proper motavation, stay well hydrated, STICK WITH IT!!, be positive, remember you don't have to go to a gym, just excersize use youtube videos if you have to! if you have theese iteams USE THEM!!!! trampoline eleptical machine THOSE LEGS ARMS AND HEART RATE! and just get to a sweat they all work DRAMATICALLY! ur welcome!

Why did you specifically choose to work in the telesales industry?

Working together in as Team player .To express my own interested and opinions and being able to meet require targets and goals.Musthave excellent communication skills custormer serviceskills.Effective greeting anserwing phone calls apprioate tone of voice.Being able to multitask to be energetic motavation skills.