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Some countries have had a civil war shortly after gaining independence from a foreign power.

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Q: What is occurred in some countries after gaining independence?
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How did some countries gain power after World War 2?

Main ways were to show dominance and contributions in Wold War 2 and the second one was gaining Independence after being decolonized or just received independence like with Israel.

What types of Historical events took place in the year 1821?

There were many historical events in the year 1821. Some of them included Mexico gaining independence from Spain and Greece gaining its independence from Turkey.

What is the date of independence for the european union?

The European Union does not have an independence date. The European Union is an association of (currently) 27 independent countries. Some of these countries have an independence date, some have always been independent and do not have an independence date.

Why were many Africans governments unstable gaining their independence?

some governments experienced corruption and poor planning. also, many government leaders were taking the countries profits and putting them into their own personal foreign banks.

Why did some countries gain independence?

Some fought for it others were granted it. Most countries wanted self determination.

What influenced the independence movements of colonial countries?

The independence movements made the colonial countries address some of the issues that they were accused of. The independence movement had great influences in mobilization and calling for the strikes.

Why did some countries gain independence peacefully?

because they was already free

What people did African gain their independence from?

The people of Africa gained some of their independence from countries like Great Britain. These countries occupied much of Africa and created colonies there.

How and why did the process of gaining independence vary among different parts of Latin America?

Perhaps the process of gaining independence varied among different parts of Latin America because of different cultural traditions, political systems, and citizenship requirements. Independence is a condition of a nation, country, or state in which its residents and population, or some portion thereof, exercise self-government, and sovereignty, over its territory

What are some important things that happened when Thomas Jefferson was president?

he wrote the declaration of independence.

How are countries independent on other countries?

Some countries are not a lot in common , therefore those countries have independence from other countries. Some countries are peace countries so the are not involved with other countries that are in war. Or at the end of a war two countries sign a peace treaty , saying that those countries are independent.

When did Asia gain its independence?

Asia consists of many countries. Some of them have always been independent.