What is ogier's swords name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ogier The Dane or Holger Danske, had two swords, courtain and Sauvagine, the first one is a"mercy sword", a cutted sword that reminds mercy. The other, but not so popular sword (and supposed to be his "fighting sword), is Sauvagine, a "sword of justice", they both were handcrafted by the weaponsmith "Munifican", which was one of Charlemagne weaponsmiths, whom the Emperor take as the creator of three of his 9 great or mighty swords, the other 6 were produced by Ansias and Galas, with 3 swords each of them. Two of them for Charlemagne (Joyeuse or Fusbeta Joyosa and Flamberge, both made by Galas), other two to Ogier (Courtain and Sauvagine, made by Munifican, the other Munifican's sword was Durandal, Roland's sword), the other swords, one from Galas, and the three of Ansias, were each of them for one of Charlemagne's heroes, as Durandal for Roland. A curious fact about Courtain, is that it is the same name of Edward The Confessor's sword. so maybe we can say that we are talking about the same sword. but why, a king that fought against the danes, could have a dane's sword easy, Ogier could live, reign and die in ye old Britain

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Q: What is ogier's swords name?
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