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the were all absolute monarchs

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Q: What is one way sulieman the magnificent akbar the great and Louis XIV are similar?
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Why was Akbar the great Suleiman's the Magnificent and Philip II similar?

Akbar the Great was the greatest ruler of the Mughal dynasty and ruled from 1556 to 1605. Suleiman the Magnificent was the Sultan of Turkey (1520-1566) under whom the Ottoman Empire reached the height of its power. Philip II was the ruler of Spain (1556-1596). They controlled large empires at the height of their power.

In what ways Akbar the Great Ivan the Terrible and Louis XIV are similar?

Akbar the Great was the greatest ruler of the Mughal Empire of India (1556-1605). Ivan the Terrible was the Grand Prince of Moscow and tsar of all Russia from 1533-1584. Louis the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King was the King of France and Navarre (1643-1715). All three were absolute monarchs.

Which form of government is associated with the reigns of Suleiman the Magnificent Akbar the Great and Peter the Great?

Suleiman the Magnificent of Ottoman Empire, Akbar the Great of Mughal Empire and Peter the Great of Russia were Absolute Monarchs. Absolute monarchy is the type of government in which the King has the ultimate centralized power, who ruled by divine right. It is normally hereditary.

Who built Salim Chishti's mausoleum?

The tomb of shaikh Salim chis tiat fathepursikri is a magnificent example of ... The mausoleum was built by Akbar as a mark of his respect and reverence.

Who is the son of akbar's father?

Akbar's father's son is Akbar (or any brothers Akbar might have.)

Unlike Louis xiv of France Akbar the mughal ruler of India strengthened his control of his state by?

Unlike Louis XIV of France, who persecuted religious minorities like the Protestant Huguenots, Akbar the Great, the Mughal ruler of India strengthened his control of his state by protecting and integrating religious minorities such as Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and Jews.

Was Akbar a Christian?

No. Akbar was a Muslim.

Where did akbar ruled?

Akbar ruled in India.

Who is the father of akbar?

himayun was the father of akbar

Who is father of akbar?

The father of Akbar was Humayun.

What is the birth name of Travis Akbar?

Travis Akbar's birth name is Travis Peter Akbar.

Who were Akbar's grandsons?

Salim, Murad and Daniyal were the names of Akbar's sons. Salim was later known as Jahangir who succeeded Akbar.