What is ordeal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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an extremely severe or trying test, experience, or trial.

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Q: What is ordeal?
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What are some disadvantages of trial by ordeal?

what is the disadcantages of trial by ordeal

What is a trial by ordeal?

As a last resort, and extremely rarely, a medieval trial might be decided by Combat or by Ordeal. In the case of combat, the parties could each appoint a Champion to fight for them. The idea was that, in the combat, God would favour the right. Similarly with the ordeal. A common ordeal was to pick an object, with a bare hand, out of boiling water. Again, the theological basis of the ordeal was that God would give courage to the party in the right - maybe even a miracle. Psychologically, of course, it could work too - as the party in the wrong would be less likely to brave the pain. The reason, however, why such trials are rare is that they were only needed in cases which a Judge could not decide; and in cases so marginal, the difference between right and wrong, even in the minds of the parties, is by definition unclear.

What are some advantages of trial by ordeal?

Trial by ordeal is a form of trial in which the accused is put to a test of strength, ability, will, or even chance, with the decision of innocence or guilt determined by the result. Sometimes the plaintiff is tested at the same time the accused is, as in a case where the two fight to see which wins. Another typical test was having the accused fetch a stone out of a pot of boiling water and observe the condition of the burn after a set time, with festering indicating guilt. And another, less painful, test was to have the accused eat an ounce of bread and cheese that had been blessed for the purpose by a priest, and observing the result, with choking being an indication of guilt. One advantage of this process is that the determination of innocence or guilt can be made with almost no effort by the judge. Another is that it is completely unnecessary to assemble a jury, attorneys, or witnesses. No testimony has to be considered, no facts weighed, and no conclusions reached. There is almost no expense. Furthermore, judges can be appointed without any regard to experience or education. You can have your ears hurt by being too close to people when they scream, so my advise is to stick to the bread and cheese method. The only other disadvantage is that there is a complete absence of fairness, but that only matters to people who care about such things.

Why were Far Eastern luxury goods prohibitively expensive?

In Roman and early Europe times things from China (the far East area) were very hard to get because of the frightful ordeal of getting them to Europe. Long sea travel around Asia and Europe and land travel across vast distances including deserts made the cost of luxury goods prohibitive for all but the very rich.

Doom is an anglo saxon word that means?


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That was quite an ordeal!

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ORDEAL I had an ordeal because someone died in my family. My teacher is having a big ordeal in her family because 2 of her family members died.

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What are some disadvantages of trial by ordeal?

what is the disadcantages of trial by ordeal

What is a sentence with the word ordeal?

He was so glad the ordeal was over.The ordeal would haunt him for the rest of his life.

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her year stay in the hospital was quite an ordeal

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