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the notorious shield tax was simply called shield tax

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Q: What is shield tax called in the middle ages?
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Why is it called the doomsday book?

The Domesday, or Doomsday Book is named after the Biblical Day of Judgement probably because it represented the final authority for property litigation and tax assessment. Other similar property-and-tax records were often called the Domesday Book of a given locality.

What is the name of the tax that the peasants had to pay to the church?

The medieval Church levied a payment called circ-sceat in Old English, now called church-scot, which is technically a type of rent, not a tax, that went towards the upkeep of the priest. The Church also required a tenth of all produce or income on certain products - this was called a tithe (Old English teogoþa, a tenth).In addition, it was expected that anyone being married or having a baptism or funeral service would donate a small sum to the altar - in reality this was a payment to the priest. In England this donation could be a single silver penny.

When does a referendum take place?

Referenda occur as called and allowed for under the laws of the given jurisdiction. Referenda can be called based on the successful petition for a law asking for direct vote. Referenda are also used regularly in some areas which vote on property tax increases used to fund their public school districts.

What was ship tax?

the ship tax was used in the event of war so that ships could be built to defend the country/seaside towns. Charles the first used the tax without reason to gain more money even though there wasn't a war but this caused allot of Resistance.

Why did the French nobles resist Necker's financial reforms?

Because he wanted to tax the First and Second Estate.Because he wanted to tax the the First and Second estate.

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What was the tax in the Middle Ages?

obviously no. i was looking for the answer..

Did peasants in the middle ages have to pay tax?

yes they did

Tax charged by church in early middle ages?

there was none

In the middle ages did country people have to pay tax?

Yes, they did

When and how to use tax shield?

What (do you think) is a tax shield?

What is a tax shield?

A tax shield is basically a tax reduction for some tax payers. Using a tax shield can help save cash flows and it will increase the value of a business.

How Depreciation as aTax Shield?

Depreciation reduces the amount of profit or increases the overall expenses due to which profit also reduce and that's why less tax to be paid that's is why depreciation is called shield to reduce tax.

When taxes were made?

People have paid taxes for thousands of years. In the middle ages there was a death tax. The federal tax system in the United States was established in 1913.

How can you calculate tax shield under lease alternative?

i hate accounting, so please help me to understand tax shield thanks cbd

Is there a Tax shield on compensation in the Philippines?

There is no law regarding tax shields in the Philippines.

Depreciation act as a tax shield?

Deductions that result in a reduction of income tax payments. The tax shield is computed by multiplying the deduction by the tax rate itself. For example, assume an annual depreciation deduction is $3000 and the tax rate is 40%; the tax shield, or tax savings on depreciation is $3000 x .4 = $1200. The company saves $1200 annually in taxes from the depreciation deduction. The higher the deduction, the larger the tax shield. Therefore, an accelerated depreciation method produces higher tax savings than the straight line method.

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