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More importantly : what does the question even mean?

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whats the answer

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Q: What is something you have no history about?
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What is prehistory discribed as?

Pre history is something that hasn't happened yet and you will have to wait for it.

What is an example of oral history?

An example of Oral History would be something like aboriginal folklore that has been passed down from person to person by story telling.

What does the phrase some leaders make history others are made by history and still others are run over by history mean?

Well, to me it sounds like, some people aspire to do great things to make history and achieve, and some people they can't really help it but something that makes history just happens to them, and some people just don't make history. hope my answer helps (it was kind of a guess ;)

What is history modern history?

There are three schools of thought concerning this: One is that modern history is from 1950 onward. Another is that modern history is from 1899 onward The final one is that modern history doesn't exist as something that is modern cannot exist in the past. Modern history is the considered the time after the "middle ages", beginning around 1500. Modern history is comprised of two eras, early modern through about 1800 and late modern which is followed by contemporary history. Most of this terminology is in reference to European and American history and their relationship with other continents. Modern History is only part of history. Modern history is from 1850 onward in some ways.

What does Getting History wrong is part of being a nation mean?

I have an assignment with the same question. I'm not completely sure but I believe it has something to do with patriotism and viewing history in a way that puts your country in the best light

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What does impact mean in history?

It means how did it affect something or change history.

Did miley do something significant in history?


It followed the Panic of 1873?

it something that has to do with history

What happened in history on September 23rd?


What is historical importance?

Historical importance is how someone/something effected history or how it is important to history.

What is something that was traded through history?

The color purple has been traded over history.

What do you mean by history?

History means the past of something, whatever the topic is.

What is paleo in history?

Paleo is a prefix of Greek origin used to mean something ancient and/or prehistoric. in case of "history": ancient history or prehistoric history.

A clue that something is divided by time?

a timeline of history

What is something about history that starts with a Q?

Qin Dynasty

What are the recent history major space projects?

they are something

What is a historical preserve?

this is the maintainace of saving something from history