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Q: What is tha national fruit of India?
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What is the national sweet of India?

Tea is the national drink

What is India's national fruit?

India's national fruit is the Mango, it is India's favourite fruit .Followed by Animal,Bird etc.But, it is not only India's favourite fruit even whole southern India!Nothing else to say, so... Bye and thanks for visiting

India's national fruit?


What is the Provincial tree of Maharashtra?

The Mango tree is the state tree of Maharashtra, Republic of India, and also it is the national tree of Bangladesh, it is also the national fruit's of Pakistan and India.

What is panama national fruit?

Panama does not have a national fruit.

What is Australia national fruit?

Australia does not have a national fruit.

What is tha full form of tha avadi?

Armoured Vehicles and Ammunition Depot of India

How much does a starfruit cost?

it depends on tha fruit

What is the national costume of Mongolian?

what is tha national costume of mongolia

Which fruit is called pride fruit of India?

The pride fruit of India is the mango.

Where do you get this fruit in India?

What fruit are you on about?!

What is the national fruit of Egypt?

There is no national fruit