What is the Danube?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Danube is a river in Europe.

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Q: What is the Danube?
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Which river passes through the most countries in Europe?

The DANUBE (Donau) flows through TEN countries, and its tributaries come from nine others.

How did the visigoths capture rome?

They did by invading the eastern part of Rome near the Danube River.

Who are the visigoth?

The Visigoths were the western branch of the Goths. The Goths were original from Sweden and migrated through eastern Europe all the way to Ukraine. When the Huns invaded their land, some of the Goths asked the Roman emperor to allow them to settle in the lower Danube area of the Roman Empire to escape the Huns. This was granted. The rest of the Goths were conquered by the Huns and became their vassals. The Goths in the Roman Empire then came to be called Visigoths (Goths of the west) because at that point they lived further west than the other Goths. The other Goths came to be called Ostrogoths (Goths of the east).

Where did the visigoths settle?

The Visigoths are an Eastern Germanic tribe meaning they come from East Germany. The Visigoths, Ostrogoths, and Gepids originated in Scandinavia, and they migrated to Germany later. Visigoth means "Western Goth," and Ostrogoth means "Eastern Goth." Gepid means "slow."

Which invaders of the roman empire came from the farthest eastern point?

The Persians took Armenia and reconquered central and southern Iraq from the Romans. The Huns who were from central Asia attacked the Empire, but did not invade it. The Visigoths and Ostrogoths came from Ukraine, but were allowed to settle in the Roman Empire. Therefore, the easternmost European people who invaded the empire were the Alans, an Iranian-speaking people original from Ukraine who had been pushed into central Europe by the Huns and invaded Gaul in 406 together with three Germanic peoples who also had been pushed into central Europe by the Huns, the Vandals (they were originally from eastern Poland and Belarus) Sueves (the were originally from eastern Germany and western Poland) Burgundians (they were originally from southern Poland

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What country is Danube in?

Danube is a river in Europe

What is the name of the river in Danube?


Where is the Danube Historical Society in Danube Minnesota located?

The address of the Danube Historical Society is: Po Box 463, Danube, MN 56230-0463

The Danube river empties into the?

The Danube river empties into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

Which river is perhaps Europe's most important river it begins in Germany and flows southeast through six other countries on its way to the black sea?

Danube River Danube River Danube River

Which continent is the Danube River on?

The Danube River is on the continent of Europe.

What river empties in the Black Sea?

Danube River

What continent is the river Danube in?

The Danube River is located in Europe.

How long is the DANUBE?

The Danube is 2,870 km long

What is the Danube river's gradient?

Danube river gradient

What is the population of Danube company?

Danube company's population is 4,000.