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Each Middle Eastern country has a unique currency. Unlike Europe or Central Africa, there is no common Middle Eastern currency.

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Q: What is the Middle Eastern countries' currency?
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Which countries use eastern money?

What do you mean by Eastern money? It could mean the East Caribbean Dollar, a form of Middle Eastern currency, currency from the Far East, etc.

What religion do most Middle Eastern countries share?

With the exception of Israel, all Middle Eastern countries are Muslim-majority.

What is the red cross called in Middle East countries?

It is called the Red Crescent in Muslim countries.

What two middle eastern countries are not Arabic-speaking?

Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, and Iran are the four Middle Eastern countries where Arabic is not the dominant language spoken.

What is a way that interregional connections have affected cultural or economical development?

MIddle Eastern countries became eonomically dependent on ohter countries.apex:)Christianity and Islam spread far from where they were foundedmiddle eastern countries became economically dependent on other countries.

The Middle Eastern countries are the largest exporters of?


Where does the US get a lot of its petroleum from?

Middle Eastern countries

Were does the us get a lot of its petroleum from?

Middle Eastern countries

Where does the us get a lot its petroleum from?

Middle Eastern countries

What two Middle Eastern countries speak french?

Lebanon and Tunisia are two Middle Eastern countries where French is spoken. French is considered a second language in both countries due to their historical connections with France.

What four Middle Eastern countries do NOT have huge areas covered by deserts?

Lebanon is the only Middle Eastern country without a desert.

How is the Eastern Mediterranean considered part of the middle east?

It borders many Middle Eastern countries and is partially enclosed by them.