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Q: What is the The West African city important in trade between Europe and African civilizations?
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Did the Dutch began the African slave trade in Europe?

they bagan it in Europe but they didn't invent slavery, this concept existed in far more ancient civilizations

What were the civilizations in Europe?

In what ways were the Byzantine and Islamic civilizations different from the civilization developing in western Europe?

Why did Islamic civilizations prosper in the middle ages?

They were highly educated, tolerant, humble, honest, and were in between Asia and Europe.

Where did civilizations form in Europe?

Near riversThe earliest civilizations arose in Greece and Italy.

How did the Silk Road affect Europe and Asia?

the silk road was an important source of cultural diffusion between Europe and Asia.

Important long term contributions of ancient greek and roman civilizations are primarily found in the area of?

Middle East and Europe, I believe.

What civilizations played an economic role in expanding cultural connections between Europe and Africa?

kingdom of axum

Where is African on a map?

it located under Europe and above Antarctica and in between the Indian and and Atlantic oceans

Is Malta in Europe?

Yes, it is a small island in the Southern part of Europe, between Italy and Tunisia.

What did Rome contribute to western civilizations?

They invented many useful tools and founded important stratigies that were used later in Europe and Spain, founders of the Americas.

Sentence for Civilization?

ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Europe are civilizations

On what islands where western Europe's earliest civilizations located?