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The Oklahoma City Bombing.

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Q: What is the Worst loss in Oklahoma history?
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There worst lost was against the timberwolves

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What was the worst tornado that oklahoma had and what was it called?

The worst tornado in Oklahoma history was the Woodward tornado of April 9, 1947. It killed a total of 181 people; 68 in Texas and 113 in Oklahoma. Most of the deaths were in the town of Woodward. The towns of Glazier and Higgins in Texas were also devastated.

What is the worst tornado in Oklahoma City?

The worst tornado in Oklahoma City history was the F5 that struck on May 3, 1999 causing $1 billion in damage and killing 38 people. The worst of the damage was in the suburb of Moore, however, and by the time the tornado entered Oklahoma City proper it had weakened to F4 intensity, which is still a very violent tornado.

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