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The land where France would be was once called Gaul, around the time of Rome.

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Q: What is the ancient name for France?
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What was France known by in ancient times?

Gaul was the name of France in ancient times.

Gaul was the ancient name for France?

Yes, Gaul was the ancient name for France and for other present day countries as well.

What is a ancient name of France?

Gaul would be one such name. Normandy was also northern France.

What was the ancient name for France?


The ancient name for France was gaul and the ancient name for Russia was ruthenia can you find the elements named for these ancient lands?

Gallium and Ruthernium

What does Britany mean?

The name Brittany is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Brittany is: Originally the ancient duchy of Bretagne in France. Celtic Bretons emigrated from France to become the Bretons of England.

What are elements named for ancient lands?

There are two elements that are known to be named after ancient lands. These two elements are ruthenium (after the ancient name, Ruthenia, an Eastern European cross-section) and gallium (after Gaul, the ancient name for France).

What is the name of the ancient Roman aqueduct built in Nimes in southern France?

le Pont du Gard

What was the national sport in Ancient France?

Football was the most common sport played in Ancient France.

What is the name of the famous cave in France where ancient paintings and drawings made by early human were discovered?

The Lascaux caves

How did the Peninsula Iberica get its name?

The name "Peninsula Iberica" comes from the ancient Iberians, an ancient people who inhabited the region. The peninsula is located in southwestern Europe and comprises Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and parts of France.

Name three sights to see in France?

the Eiffel tower Versailles' palace Le pont Du Gard (ancient Roman bridge)