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The Law is Louisiana is based on the Napoleonic Code

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It is based on Napoleonic civil code.

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Q: What is the basis of law in Louisiana?
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Which of the states uses the Napoleonic code rather than the English common law as the basis of its civil law?

Louisiana is the only state to use the Napoleonic code instead of common law. They do use the common law for criminal matters.

Are gays and lesbians in Louisiana protected by law against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation?

No. A law prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination in employment was allowed to expire in 2008.

Does Louisiana recognize common-law marriage?

No. Louisiana does not recognize common law marriage.

Is there a lemon law in Louisiana?

of course there is a lemon law in Louisiana. all sates have one! wow you must be a retard

The original basis of most legal systems today is what law?

The basis of most WESTERN law systems is Common Law.

What is the basis of Israelite law?

The Torah, together with its ancient commentary (the Talmud) is the basis of Israelite law.

Does Louisiana have a law about seatbelts?


What type of government does Louisiana have?

Louisiana is under Napoleonic Law

What is Louisiana's law regarding inheritance of property to children?

Louisiana has the most complicated laws of intestacy in the US. It is the only state that has a legal system based on the Napoleonic Code. You can read more about it at the link provided below.

How has the Napoleonic Code affected the US today?

It remains the basis for the Louisiana laws.

Does louisiana still follow napoleonic code?

Although the developing Napoleonic Code strongly influenced Louisiana law, ... of common law, the "civilian" tradition is still deeply rooted in Louisiana private ... is merely a secondary source of law, which cannot be authoritative and does not .

How does a bill become a law in Louisiana?

There are various stages that a bill has to pass through before it becomes a law in Louisiana. It is debated in both houses and if it is approved, the president has to sign it for it to become a law.