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An important one. In happened at Tours, France. Europe was in the darkest of the dark ages, very disorganized and poor. Islam, a hundred years after their Prophet's death, was a vigorous and aggressive army, carrying all before it. Muslims conquered the native peoples of North Africa, swept through Spain, destroying the Chirstian kingdoms there, and plunged deep into France, set on conquest of all Europe.

At Tours, they were met by a determined force of Franks, led by Charles Martel ("The Hammer") and turned back. It was the "high-water mark" for Islam in the West, although it would be another seven and a half centuries (untill 1492) that they were finally expelled from Spain.

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The Battle of Poitiers.

Charles Martel defeated the Maurs in 732.

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Charles Martel defeated the Umayyad army led by Al-Andalus Abd el Rahman in Poitiers in 732

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Q: What is the battle where the Muslim armies were defeated in France in 732?
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Where did the Christian armies finally stop Muslim invaders in 732 CE?

Battle of Tours,France .

Which Muslim dynasty attempted to conquer France in the Battle of Tours in 732 but was defeated by Charles?

The Muslim forces at the Battle of Tours were from the Caliphate of the Umayyad dynasty.

What was the Name of the battle where Charles martel defeated the Muslim invaders?

He defeated the Muslim invaders at the Battle of Tours.

How far did the Muslim armies go advance in western Europe?

What is now Spain and Portugal was captured by Muslim armies starting in 711 AD. Most of the area became the Emirate of Córdoba. The farthest Muslim advance was the Battle of Poitiers in 732 AD. Poitiers is now in central France. The last Muslim state on the peninsula (the kingdom of Granada) was defeated in 1491.

Why is jasaw Chan K'awill I important?

He defeated the armies of Calakmul in battle.

What happend at the battle of the tours?

The Battle of Tours was a battle in Poitiers, France wherein Spanish moors were defeated by an army commanded by Charles Martel (Frankish Christian). The battle was on October 10, 732 which also put a stop on the Muslim attacks in the west part of Europe.

Who won the battle of 5 of may?

The Battle of Puebla. Mexico defeated France.

Which country defeated Arabs in the battle of tours?

NovaNet answer----->>>> FRANCE

Where were the Muslim stopped by the Christian army in France?

It is called in English 'the battle of Tours', but known in France as 'the battle of Poitiers'.

Why is the battle of las navas de tolosa important?

In spite of the outnumber of muslim army, was defeated by the union of christians kingdoms. This battler marked the beginning of spain and the final of Muslim caliphate. Also known as: The battle of five armies or the charge of three kings. Christians kingdoms: Castille, Aragon,Navarre, Portugal: Garrison of 70.000 men. Muslim Caliphate: 150.000 men.

What did Charles Martel contribute to the rise of the Frankish kingdom?

Charles "The Hammer" Martel defeated the Muslim army in 732 at the Battle of Tours (France), allowing Christianity to survive in Western Europe.

Who fought in the Battle of Gaugamela?

Alexander the Great and his Macedonians defeated the Persian armies of Darius III at Gaugamela.