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cape of stroms

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Q: What is the cape of good hope's original name?
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What is cape corals original name?

Its original name is Redfish Point.

What was the Cape of good Hope first name?

Cape of Storms

What is the new name of the Cape of Torment?

Cape of good hope

Who is the Porteguese king who renamed the southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope?

John II of Portugal renamed the southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope.

What is in cape canaveral?

It is the NASA space center. That was the original name of it in the 1960's until it was changed to Cape Kennedy in his honor.

Why is the name Cape of Good Hope misleading?

It is misleading because the journey was dangerous. It has another name: the Cape of Storms.

Cape in Florida named after president?

Cape Canaveral, Florida, was renamed Cape Kennedy in honor of the late President John F. Kennedy. Although the space facility near the cape still bears his name, the location's original name was restored in 1973.

What is the origin of the word cape in the name of bird Cape gannet?

Refers to the geographical region - Cape of Good Hope - in South Africa

What name did Ishmael give the Cape of Good Hope because of the rough seas in the area?

cape tormentoto

What is the name of the killer in Cape Fear?

Max Cady is the character's name, in both the original 1962 version and the 1991 version.

Why the name cape of good hope is given?

When it was fist discovered by the Portuguese they believed that the Cape had a great deal of potential as a sea route for trade in India and so named it the Cape of Good Hope

What is the name of the country thats landmark is the Cape of Good Hope?

The Cape of Good Hope is at the southern tip of Africa, in the current nation of South Africa.