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The spinning jenny was a multi-spindle spinning frame, and was one of the key developments in weaving during the Industrial Revolution. It was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves.

The spinning mule (also known as the mule jenny) was invented by Samuel Crompton in 1779, which was a hybrid ("mule") of the spinning jenny and a water-powered spinning frame.

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Q: What is the difference between a spinning jenny and a spinning mule?
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How are the spinning mule and the spinning jenny related?

The spinning jenny was a multi-spindled machine. So is the spinning mule. :) (I found the information on this website. All I did was type spinning mule and spinning jenny :) )

Which of these were combined to make the spinning mule?

spinning jenny and water frame

What machines caused the revolution?

Flying Shuttle, Spinning Jenny, Spinning Mule, and the Water Frame

What did the power loom lead to?

The power loom led to other inventions such as the spinning jenny and the spinning mule.

What else was combined to make the spinning mule?

spinning jenny and water frame *Skinny Mini*

How did technological advances in the textile industry contributed to industrial revolution-?

Technological advances in the textile industry contributed to industrial revolution in that flying shuttle,spinning Jenny, Water frame, spinning mule were able to make textiles quickly.

What inventions switched from handmade to machine made textiles?

1763 the spinning jenny,1779 the spinning mule,1785 the power loom, 1793 the cotton gin.

How did the spinning jenny influence other inventions?

The spinning jenny revolutionized textile production by enabling faster and more efficient spinning of yarn. This innovation sparked further inventions in the textile industry, such as the water frame and the spinning mule, which built upon the principles of the spinning jenny to further increase productivity and output. These advancements helped drive the Industrial Revolution and transform the manufacturing sector.

The Inventor of the spinning mule?

The spinning mule was invented by Samuel Crompton, a device that combined the Spinning Jenny and Water Frame, made during the industrial revolution to make the production process quicker and cheaper. Check the link below, more information will be found there.

What are 5 inventions that changed industry in the late 1600s and in the 1700s?

the flying shuttle , spinning jenny , water frame , steam engine , and mule were invented .

What do the flying shuttle spinning jenny spinning mule and the water-powerd loom have in common?

All have to do with changing the making of cloth from a hand made to a machine made basis. They relate to the development of the textile industry.

Who inveted the mule?

Do you mean the animal or the spinning mule?