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Northern Cape Province

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Q: What is the driest province in South Africa?
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What is the driest place in south Africa?

The driest (no "most" needed, double superlative) place in South Africa is the west coast, especially the Skeleton Coast of Namibia. If the Republic, the NW Province, which borders Namibia and the Kalihari Desert.

Is limpopo the southernmost province of South Africa?

No, the Limpopo is not the southernmost provice of South Africa. Limpopo is the nothernmost province of South Africa

Is Africa the driest place on Earth?

No, the driest places on earth are the Atacama Desert in South America and Antarctica.

What is the southernmost province in Africa?

The Western Cape Province of South Africa

What is the driest month in summes for South Africa?

December to febuaby

The province in South Africa with the largest population?

Gauteng province have the largest population in South Africa

Is mafikeng South Africa in the continent Africa?

Mafikeng is in the Northwest Province of South Africa. South Africa is a country in Africa.

What starts with the letter b in South Africa?

Bhisho is the capital city in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Bloemfontein is the capital city in Free State Province, South Africa. Ben Macdhui is a 9,846 foot mountain in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

What is the driest place on the earth?

The driest deserts on earth are Antarctica and the Atacama Desert in South America.The driest place on earth is either the Atacama Desert of South America or Antarctica. Scientists vary in opinion.

What is the population of transvaal in South Africa?

The population of the Transvaal province in South Africa was 9,491,265 million people. It is no longer a province and ended in 1994.

What are things in South Africa start with f?

Free State is a Province in South Africa

What is the largest country in south?

South Africa is a Country!!! The Northern Cape is the biggest province in South Africa