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The UK, Great Britain, currently has more of their people in work than at any time in its history. That was then.... when I wrote the above..., things are going to be tough.

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As of September, 2009, the unemployment rate in the UK was 7.8%. See Related Link below for more details.
5.4% as of August 2008

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7.90% as of July 2009.

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Q: What is the employment rate in England?
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What state has the highest employment rate in the US?

North Dakota with a 97% employment rate.

What is the Vancouver employment rate?

According to Statistics Canada, the employment rate for Vancouver was 92.8% as of June 2013. This represents a 2.7% increase in the employment rate from June 2012.

What is the employment rate in Ireland?

The employment rate in Ireland is currently 60%. The unemployment rate in Ireland is 11.80% as of April 2014.

What is the rate of employment in Florida?

As of May 2013, the rate of employment in Florida was 92.9%. This is highest rate of employment since September of 2008, before the financial crisis in America hit.

What is the employment rate of Indonesia?

As of 2021, the employment rate in Indonesia is around 59%, meaning that 59% of the working-age population is employed. The rate can vary by region and demographic factors.

What is the employment rate for France?

France's employment rate is currently 64 percent. The unemployment rate in France is currently at 10.1 percent down from 10.4 percent.

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What is the employment rate for California?

The employment rate for California as of May 2011 is 11.7%. Nevada has the highest unemployment rate, standing at 12.1%. North Dakota has the lowest at 4.1%.

How does your level of education affect your employment rate?

The higher the education you have the more things you can do so your employment rate would go up

What is the employment rate in Augusta GA?

The last recorded employment rate for Augusta, GA was 91.0% in Dec 2012. The current unemployment rate for the whole of Georgia is 91.3%, this compares to the national rate of 91.1%.

What is the current employment rate in Boston?

The unemployment rate is hovering right at 6.4%. This means the employment rate is at 93.6%. This is actually better than the national average, which is still about 7.5%.