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In 1919, the Reynolds Metals Company was founded. The U.S. Foil Company began making plastic wrap and other packaging products in 1982.

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Q: What is the history of Reynolds plastic wrap?
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Why did Reynolds stop making plastic wrap?

(1) It is the worst plastic wrap--even discount brands were much better. (2) As a consumer, I'm losing confidence on Reynolds wrap.

Reynolds plastic wrap?

According to their website, Reynolds® Seal-Tight Plastic Wrap has been discontinued.

Is Reynolds plastic wrap better than glad plastic wrap?

Yes, yes, yes!!! It's the only plastic wrap I will use. Glad doesn't stick. Reynolds is wonderful. I agree that Reynold's has the bet plastic wrap, but unfortunately the company has discontinued it :(

What is the best brand of plastic wrap?

Reynolds plastic wrap is a great plastic wrap for all cookware items. It is great for bakes sales and especially for bake goods such as cookies and brownies.

Is Reynolds plastic wrap made from PVC PVDVC or Polyethylene?


Who is now producing Reynolds plastic wrap?

Jim Morrison Jose cuerva loser

What plastic wrap prevents evaporation the best?

The plastic wrap that prevents evaporation the best is Saran wrap. Reynolds's Plastic wrap works for the prevention of evaporation also.

In what sizes does Reynolds package their plastic wrap?

At present Reynolds has discontinued packaging smaller size rolls of plastic wrap for the consumer. The company packages 2000' by 12" and 1000' by 12" rolls for business and industrial use, although consumers can purchase from Amazon for home use.

What type of plastic wrap is the best to use in my circumstances?

The best type of plastic wrap for you would be reynolds wrap. It has a strong hold and works very well. I would recommend buying rolls of it in bulk to save money since you will be using a lot.

Can you safely cook a dish in the oven covered with Reynolds plastic wrap?

No, you cannot, the wrap will melt into the food and over the dish. Use aluminum foil or a pie tin for a cover.

Can you cook a dish covered with Reynolds plastic wrap in a cooking oven?

No, the plastic will melt in the oven ============= You can't wrap the DISH in plastic wrap then foil, but you can wrap the FOOD in plastic wrap, then foil, THEN put it in the dish to bake. Keep the temperature no higher than 350*F (177*C). Works great with ribs. Well I'll have to disagree with this answer. Just last night I baked a plastic wrap covered Lasagna in Pyrex..... in fact, I made two 9 x 9 dishes without consequence. The pasta heated nicely in 45 minutes @ 350*. Easy removal without any cheese sticking to the wrap.... unlike it does with aluminum foil.

What is the best plastic wrap?

The best plastic wrap is a subjective choice based on personal preference and needs. Look for features such as good cling, durability, and microwavable capabilities. Some popular brands include Glad Press'n Seal, Saran Premium Wrap, and Reynolds Kitchens Plastic Wrap.