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Flight Hand Cleaner is a product that was developed in 1959 by Mervyn Niland in Benoni South Africa. It is a gel-type creamy substance that simply floats dirt off dirty hands and is most effective with grease, printing ink and stubborn ingrained dirt. It is available either plain or with a grit texture. Over the last 50 years it has become the brand leader in hand cleaners. It has been used all over the world and still enjoys a large market. Although many other manufacturers produce hand cleaning treatments, none has ever been able to outperform Flight Hand Cleaner. The business is now owned by Rolf and Jonathan Brauteseth and Rico Kruger. It trades under the name Flight Chemical Manufacturers and is still located in Benoni, South Africa. The company website is products manufactured by Flight Chemicals are Flight Spray Klean (an all-purpose liquid cleaning product that can be used for applications from degreasing to cleaning windows) and M7 Degreaser (a heavy duty solvent-based degreasing agent).

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Q: What is the history of flight hand cleaner?
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