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The dish chilli con carne is a chilli dish that originated from the country of Mexico. The dish chilli con carne was brought from Mexico to Texas by the people of Mexico.

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Q: What is the history of the dish chilli con carne?
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What is the differents between chili and chili con carne?

None, basicly chilli is just short for chilli con carne, but they are different styles of chilli.

What colour is chilli con carne?


Does yoda like chilli con carne?

I don't think chili con carne exists in Star Wars

Why did Texas settlers feels little loyalty to Mexico?

Because the signature food of Texas is chilli con carne. Do the math.

Was the actor Mel Gibson in the film called The Chilli Con Carne Club?

Yes, Mel Gibson did appear in The Chilli Con Carne Club. The film was released in 1995. It was a short.He played the role of Mel.

Can you cook chilli con carne in a slow cooker?

yes i ve done it before

Is chili con carne served over rice?

Usually "con carne" is spanish for "with meat" but as I was growing up I was taught that it meant chilli over rice. I am 55 years old.

Where did chilli con carne come from?

Some say its origin is Mexico, others say it was Texas. It was invented about 1840. It is the official dish of the state of Texas.

Is chili chili if it has spaghetti in the recipe?

The full name is Chilli Con Carne. It's main ingredients are:beenstomatoesbeefSo, no it isn't.

What is Mexico's popular dish made of beef and beans?

None. I guess you mean Chili con carne, a Texan dish.

what ingredients are the best for chili and where can the recipe be found?

Several sites claim to have the best chilli recipes but some of the best that I personally use are and

What can you put in chilli con carne to give it a kick?

A quick pinch of hot ground chilli powder is always a great way to give your dish a kick, but watch you don't turn it into a dish people can't taste, don't overdo the great flavour of this beautiful dish! Here are some other good ideas: - Paprika - Moroccan seasoning - Mild or weak ground chilli powder - Basil or another herb with a spiced seasoning of your preference - Peppercorns, again, only a small handful