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The stadium that is located in Highbury is Arsenal Stadium, a football stadium in Highbury, North London in England. It was the home of the Arsenal Football Club from 1913--2006.

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Q: What is the history of the stadium located in Highbury?
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Where is the Arsenal stadium located?

The Arsenal Stadium was a football stadium located in Highbury, North London. The stadium was mainly known as Highbury due to its location and was given the nickname "The Home of Football" by its club.

How many seats did highbury stadium have?

38, 419 seats were in Highbury Stadium. 

Who is the owner of highbury stadium?

Highbury is owned by Arsenal.

What was arsenals old stadium?

Arsenal's old stadium was Highbury.

What was the highest attendance for a football match at Highbury stadium?

The highest attendance for a football match at highbury stadium is 6150 at 13 November 1965

Which stadium did arsenal first own?


How many stadiums have arsenal had?

Arsenal has had 2 stadiums, Highbury Stadium and Emirates Stadium

What is the difference between highbury stadium and emirates?

there are more fans in emirate

What is arsenals football ground called?

in May 2006, Arsenal played their last ever match in the historic Highbury stadium. Next season, they will move into the newly build Emirates Stadium. It was called Highbury although they are moving to Emirates Stadium

When was Highbury stadium built?

Arsenal F.C. played at Highbury Stadium between September 6, 1913 and May 7, 2006. The ground was originally built on a part of a college's recreational ground, in 1913.

Did arsenal football club used to be named 'Highbury'?

No! of course not,that was the name of their stadium.

Who play at emirates stadium?

Arsenal Football Club have played there since they moved from Highbury

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