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The congress passed a resolution demanding complete independence.

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Q: What is the importance of Lahore session of 1929?
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Place where congress of 1929 ICC session took place?


When was the Lahore Session of All India Congress Committee held?

it was held in 1929

Who among the following presided the historic Lahore session of 1929 of Indian National Congress?

Jawahar lal nehru in dec. 1929

What is the significance of Lahore session 1929?

the lahore session was of great in the indian national movement for was in this session that purna swaraj was declared as india's goal.....the leaders aimed for nothing but complete independence.this session also formed an important cause for the civil disobedience movement.

Who was the president in the Lahore session of INC?

pt nehru

Bise Lahore session 2004-2006?

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Lahore conducts examinations for students in the Lahore region. The session 2004-2006 would have seen students taking their matriculation and intermediate exams during this period. You can contact the BISE Lahore office for specific information regarding results or certificates from that session.

Which congress session adopt tricolor AS NATIONAL flag?


Who was the president of 1929 Lahore Indian congress?

Jawaharlal Neheru.

Where was the session of Muslim League held when the resolution demanding the creation of Pakistan was passed?


Did mahatma attend Lahore congress 1929?

unke sath kon the jail me

When was Lahore resolution begin?

Lahore resolution is commonly known as Pakistan resolution. It was the formal political statement adopted in a three day session of the Muslim League on 22-24 March, 1940. The session was held at Minto Park,Lahore and so it is popularly known as Lahore resolution.By this political statement Muslim League wanted greater Muslim autonomy in British India. The resolution was presented by A.K.Fazlul Haque.

Which session of All India Muslim league was held in Lahore during march 1940?

The session of All India Muslim League held in Lahore during March 1940 is commonly referred to as the Lahore Resolution or the Pakistan Resolution. During this session, the Muslim League passed a resolution demanding the creation of an independent state for Muslims in the regions where they were in a majority in British India. This resolution eventually laid the foundation for the establishment of Pakistan.