What is the job of a viscount?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Viscount is a title held by certain British noblemen, and ranks below an earl and above a baron. The first person to be titled a viscount was John Beaumont, who received the honor in 1440. Today the title is usually given to men whome the ruler wishes to honor.

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he is the son of a count and countess

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Q: What is the job of a viscount?
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Does a Viscount serve directly under an Earl?

In the British nobility, a viscount is ranked immediately above a baron and immediately below an earl. I doubt whether a viscount would "serve under an earl" as you put it.

What is the Peer ranking above viscount?


When was Viscount de MoriΓ©ve?

The French Vampire, Viscount de Morieve, lived during the French Revolution, if legend is correct, and for nearly a hundred years after that, before his grandson had him staked.

What are the 7 ranks of the male english's royalty?

King, Prince, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron.

Is the son of an Earl called an Earl Expectant or an Expectant Earl?

No. The eldest son of an Earl usually takes on one of his father's lesser titles: for instance say the Earl of X also has the titles Viscount Y and Baron Z. The Earl's son is thus known as Viscount Y. If Viscount Y has a son in his father's lifetime, that son, the Earl's grandson becomes known as Baron Z. Note that these titles are courtesy titles, and are not official. The Earl of X's son may be known as Viscount Y, but the official Viscount Y is still the Earl himself. Note also that in some cases an Earl will not have any lesser subsidiary titles (i.e. the Earl Temple of Stowe). In such a case, the Earl's son and heir will be given a made-up title (the Earl Temple's son is known as Lord Langton, a title that does not legally exist). These same rules apply to Dukes and Marquesses, but not to Viscounts or Barons: sons of Viscounts and Barons are not entitled to courtesy titles.

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