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the group of people who cause corruption

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Q: What is the list of coalition parties of India?
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Who was a Founder of The Rainbow Coalition?

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What is rank in world of area India?

India is seventh on the list of land size, covering 1,269,009 square miles.

List of hang till death in India?

In India, they allow hanging in only four instances. The number of people who have been hanged in India is disputed and no names are available to the public.

What jobs do people have in India?

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Multi party system of India - History?

For most of the years since independence, the federal government has been led by the Indian National Congress (INC),[1] Politics in the states have been dominated by several national parties including the INC, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) and various regional parties. From 1950 to 1990, barring two brief periods, the INC enjoyed a parliamentary majority. The INC was out of power between 1977 and 1980, when the Janata Party won the election owing to public discontent with the corruption of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In 1989, a Janata Dal-led National Front coalition in alliance with the Left Front coalition won the elections but managed to stay in power for only two years.[2] As the 1991 elections gave no political party a majority, the INC formed a minority government under Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and was able to complete its five-year term.[3] The years 1996-1998 were a period of turmoil in the federal government with several short-lived alliances holding sway. The BJP formed a government briefly in 1996, followed by the United Front coalition that excluded both the BJP and the INC. In 1998, the BJP formed the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) with several other parties and became the first non-Congress government to complete a full five-year term.[4] In the 2004 Indian elections, the INC won the largest number of Lok Sabha seats and formed a government with a coalition called the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), supported by various parties.[5] In the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, it won agiain with a surprising majority, the INC itself winning more than 200 seats.

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Why does India have a coalition?

India has several parties that take part in an election. There are very few chances of one party to win by a majority, till now only a few times one party has won by a majority. Since there is no single majority parties have enter into a coalition.

When no one party has the majority in a multiparty system it must join with other parties to form what?

The parties would form a coalition.

What is conservative coalition?

A conservative coalition is an alliance of political parties with the same ideals in the United States. The Conservatives normally have differing values or ideologies from other parties.

What is a party coalition?

A party coalition is referred to as a fusion of two or more parties for electoral purposes. This is usually an alliance formed by different parties with one objective.

What is a government by two or more parties called?

The government by two or more parties are called a coalition government. Like today David Cameron (Conservative) is in a Coalition with Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats). Hope this helps

What part of speech is coalition?

The word "coalition" is a noun. It refers to a union or alliance, especially between political parties or groups.

Which parties have made coalition government?

communist party

When multiple parties combine they form this?

A coalition government.

Can A coalition of political parties can be strong or weak?


Why didn't coalition governments last very long?

It is usually difficult to get much real cooperation in a coalition government, because the members of the coalition would all rather defeat the other parties and form a majority government, than cooperate with the other parties and perpetuate the coalition.

What is a sentence with coalition in it?

The two political parties formed a coalition to govern together in order to achieve their common goals.

How many registered political parties in India?

The website Indian Elections broke the 2004 Indian Election results down to having 301 party/coalitions in a First Past the Post electoral system.The BJP+ was a coalition of 10 political parties of which 9 won seats.The INC+ was a coalition of 16 political parties of which 12 won seats.And OTHERS were designated as 270 political parties of which 19 won seats.The results means that 40 political parties won seats in the Lower House of the Indian Parliament.The website for the Electoral Commission of India in the results of the 2004 election reported 231 participating political parties.