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The capital city of Russia is Moscow. This is the location of the Kremlin, which is home to the President of the Russian Federation. It is also the headquarters for many national government facilities.

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Q: What is the main governmental city in Russia?
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In which country does the Duma sit?

The Duma are a group of council assemblies. The Duma were created by the Czar of Russia and is considered a form of governmental institution in Russia. Thus, they sit in Russia.

The Bolshevik Revolution lead to communism in what country?

The Bolshevik Revolution, also known as the October Revolution of 1917, took place mainly in Petrograd, Russia, but it occurred in many other larger cities as well. Petrograd had been known as St. Petersburg but the name during WWI. St. Petersburg had been the Tsarist capital city of Russia and remained the capital under the Provisional Government set up when the Tsar abdicated after the February Revolution of 1917. When the Provisional Government in Petrograd proved to be no better than Tsarist rule, the people refused to support it. Lenin and the Bolsheviks simply stepped in and took power from the main governing body in Petrograd and announced that governmental power was now vested in the workers' councils (called Soviets) that had formed in the larger cities.

List the main allied powers for world war 1?

France, Russia, Serbia, Britain, and later the U.S.

Who are the 5 main countries that fought in the world war ii leader names?

England, US, Russia, Germany, Italy and Japan

What were the causes of discontent among the peasants workers and intelligentsia that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917?

The main cause was Russia's participation in Great War. Results of war were disastrous for Russia due to incompetence of Tsar Nicholas II and his government.