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Lots of things divide Indian society gender,religion and class. Just like an other society in the world

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Q: What is the many factor affecting Indian society?
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What are the factors affecting Indian climate?

There are many factors that are affecting the Indian climate. Some of the common factors include human interference, deforestation, pollution of the environment and many more.

What is Indian society?

There are many different things that could be considered Indian society. The societies native to India could be Indian societies.

How INDIAN movies affect on youth?

Some people feel that violence in Indian movies is?ænegatively affecting the youth. Many others feel that Indian movies positively affect youth by teaching them about life.

How does western society influenced Indian society?

after come in touch with western society indian society experienced about democracy, postal system, new tranporation system[rail, bus,air], written constitution, new educational system , mem-women equality, dignity of labour and still learning so many things

Has the Caste system completely disappeared from Indian society?

No , Many people still believe and use the caste system even though it has been officially abolished by the Indian government

Factors affecting capital structure?

There are many factors that can affect capital structure. The most common factor is a downturn in the economy. A decrease in sales can also affect the capital structure.

What impact does stress have on men's health?

Become temperamental, and easily frustrated.

Factors affecting financial performance?

There are many factors are affecting our financial performance. One of the most important factor is global political issue. Global political issue effect our financial activities such as banking, business, corporate business, multinational business etc. Even it is also effecting our employment.

How has the Indian women artists contributed to the society?

Indian artists contribute largely to the NGOs run by many conglomerates and other social activists. Many painters even exhibit their paintings based on particular themes related to Indian problems. Some painters contribute the amount yields earned from their painting exhibitions to charity. In some or the other way artists also increase the cultural heritage of the country. So artists do contribute to society

What is the dominant climate factor on the Indian subcontinent?

This question is one of the many that SHOULD have been answered. This is this is not idon' so i belive that the answer should be prevelant

What is the Importance of computer in knowledge based society?

Computer is important in the society in the sense that it improves the living standard of an individual by 1. affecting the way one thinks 2. improving ones ability employ the use of other ICT gargets 3. building many skils in one to handling many task that aid a living e.t.c.

What kind of information can The study of biology provide about matters affecting Humane Society?

could prolong life, increase resilience to pain and pressure, increase strength, supercharged your mind and do many things which were once thought impossible.