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  1. to take control of a country or city and its people by force:
  2. to defeat somebody, especially in a competition, race, etc:
  3. to succeed in dealing with or controlling something:
  4. to become very popular or successful in a place:


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The word "Conquered" means to overcome something or someone. To take control of a situation or a weakness. When used in a sentence: She finally conquered her drinking habits.

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Q: What is the meaning of the word conquered?
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What does the Latin word vicina mean?

Vicina is a latin adjective meaning a neighboring.

How do you spell cocured?

The likely word in "concurred" (agreed).The similar word conquered means defeated. It has a homophone (sound alike word) concord, meaning agreement.

What is the root word for conquered?

The root word of conquered is: conquer ;)

What is the Greek meaning of the word unstoppable?

The Greek word for "unstoppable" is ακατανίκητος (akataníkitos), which translates to "invincible" or "undefeatable." This word embodies the idea of being unable to be conquered or overcome.

What is the definition of the root word vict?

The root word "vict" comes from the Latin word "victus," meaning conquered or overcome. It is commonly used in English words related to victory, such as victorious or victory.

What part of speech is the word conquered?

Conquered is a verb (past tense of conquer) and an adjective (conquered fears).

What is the word root of conquered?

quer haha cuz only quers get conquered hahahahahahaha

What is another word for conquered?


What is a sentence for the word conquer?

We have conquered the world, sir.The country was conquered by the invaders.

What is the meaning of name jatinder?

One who conquered the five evils.

What is the Russian word for conquered?

Завоеванный Zavoevannyĭ

Latin word for unable to be conquered?