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The Glory Field is a book with specific themes. The two main themes of this book are inner strength and family ties.

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Q: What is the mood of the glory field?
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What are the conflicts in the Glory Field?

"The Glory Field" by Walter Dean Myers explores conflicts such as racism, family dynamics, and social injustice. It follows different generations of the same family as they navigate these challenges while striving for equality and freedom. The novel highlights the impact of these conflicts on individuals and communities over time.

What is and simile in the glory field?

In the book "The Glory Field" by Walter Dean Myers, an example of a simile is "the woman was as pale as a ghost."

What is the mood in Glory Field?

The mood of The Big Field by Mike Lupica is Suspenseful. That's because throughout the entire story, the author makes you wonder what is going to happen next. For instance, when Darryl is bad mouthing Hutch at practice, it was suspenseful because the author was explaining how Hutch was feeling and we all wanted to know if Hutch was going to do anything, or ignore it. But of course that suspense ended when Hutch tackled Darryl. There are many more and probably better examples of Mood throughout this book, but I was just trying to give you an Idea of what the mood was.

Who does Elijah has a crush in glory field?


Why does Joshua and neela marry at the burying ground glory field?

In the Glory Field, Joshua and Neela were married in secret to prevent Neela being sold.

What does the shackle in The Glory Field mean?

It means do not do will in heavan. shakle=noy do will or something like that Glory Field= heavan. what does that even mean?? someone translate that crappy answer

Are there sparknotes on The Glory Field?

yea there is(: gooogle itt.

Who is the main character in the glory field?

Saran and Elijah

What is a great website for Chapter summaries of The Glory Field?

there is none

What is lizzy's personality in the glory field?

In "The Glory Field," Lizzy is described as brave, determined, and resilient. She is shown to be a strong-willed character who is willing to fight for what she believes in, facing hardships with courage and perseverance.

Name of the island in the glory field?

Curry Island, South Carolina

What challenge did shep face in the book the glory field?

He was addicted to drugs.