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Q: What is the most common resource found in Russia east of 90 degrees east?
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Density map of Russia?

A population density map of Russia can be found at most local libraries. Many geography books will have population density maps for each country.

Where did the early settlers of Russia come from?

I've read books saying Vikings from Sweden found Kiev and then begun colonizing Russia, and this makes perfect sense because Russians are very white like Swedish, even though they are in Asia. I suppose a Viking called Rurik named the land "Rus" and then was made into Russia. I could be wrong but, that's all i know. I hope i answered your question.

What factors led to the rise of communism in China and Russia?

I only know about Russia, so here is it: Communism Started in Germany in the 1800s by Karl Marx and, Friedrich Engels. This is because communism is a theory, and they conceived it. Now we skip ahead to Russia: 1900. Russia is being led by its oppressive Czar, Nicholas II. The proletariat (public) dislike this form of government. This leads to the overthrowing of this White Russian aristocratic government. In 1917, Vladimir Lenin takes power.

What country was once called Cathay?

Cathay stems from the word "Catai" which is an alternative name for China. A link follows, and it can be found below

What were the most important countries in world war 1?

Austria, for Franz Ferdinand (Wikipedia); Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II; Russia, Nicholas II; Great Britain, King George V; Australia (British Empire Realm); United States. All of this information can be found at your local library.