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I dont know someone tell me!

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Q: What is the name of a traditional Chinese house?
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What is the name of the traditional Chinese house?

I dont know someone tell me!

What traditional foods Chinese eat?

Traditional foods that the Chinese eat are rice, dumplings, noodels just to name a few.

How do you spell jalyn in traditional Chinese?

The name 'Jalyn' written in Chinese is 杰琳 (jiélín). The characters are the same in Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

What is the traditional name for Chinese dress?

Chong sam

Is weilong a Chinese first name?

"Weilong" is not a common traditional Chinese first name. It could be a modern or unique name, but it is not widely recognized as a typical Chinese first name.

What is the name of male Chinese traditional cloth?

Adebayor Akenfenwia.

How do you spell the name Anne in Chinese?

Chinese Simplified: Anne = 安妮 Traditional Chinese: Anne = 安妮

How do you say Our House in Chinese?

"Our house" in Traditional Chinese is "我們家." In Simplified Chinese, it's 我们家. In Hanyu Pinyin, this is pronounced "wo3men jia1." In Gwoyeu Romatzyh, it's pronounced " jia."

What is the name of the traditional Chinese method of writing?

书法 [shū fǎ]

Chinese housewarming gifts?

A house warming gift for a Chinese family should be thoughtful as to what the family may need or want based on their personalities. A traditional gift for all people in any culture would be a house plant.

What is Indiana Jones name in Chinese?

The Chinese characters (traditional) would likely look like this: 奪寶奇兵

Name the three different cultural groups?

Indian, polish, traditional english, chinese, asian...