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There are several terms, Most commonly:

1. Armistice

2. Treaty

3. Truce

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Q: What is the name of an agreement by warring parties to end hostilities?
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What is the name of an agreement between parties that benefits them both?


Under what circomstances would a judge take a name off of a deed to a property?

If the judge was shown a death certificate for another holder, a change of name perhaps, a signed agreement from the involved parties. Sometimes the property disappears. This is what judges do. A signed agreement IS a signed agreement. No one can be thrown off a signed agreement unless another agreement exists (by those parties), a law has been violated that abrogates the agreement, or the conditions specified in the agreement have changed.

How can one homeowner get his name off the contract?

Once a contract is signed the agreement is binding on all parties. It can only be revoked or cancelled by all the same parties.

Who pays to have an abstract updated with the new owner's name?

Recording fees can be a matter of agreement between the parties. Generally the buyer pays recording fees for documents in the buyer's name.

What is the name of the contract between a customer and an ISP that specifies the requirements for uptime and service response time?

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a negotiated agreement between two parties where one is the customer and the other is the service provider.

What was the name of the area separating warring sides in trench warfare?

No man's land

Should you sign a sales agreement with your last name incorrectly spelt?

You should make or cause to be made, any corrections necessary so the document will identify the parties correctly.

What is the name of a poem from the 70s that was an agreement?

an agreement

This is another name for a truce or an end to hostilities?

Cease Fire NEW RESPONDENT Armistice.

What is the name of political parties in your neighbouring countries?

name the political parties neighbors

Is a contract void if both parties don't sign only one party signed?

Not necessarily. The party that did sign it can be held to the contract, but only if the other party is relying on that and performed their part of the agreement. And depending upon the course of dealing and what has occurred between the two parties, there may be other reasons to hold that the contract is valid, even if neither of the parties signed it.

Is it forgery when your employer has you signing their name on documents for them?

No, it can't be forgery if it is done with the employer's permission.Additional Information:Any person may act as the agent of another person for signatory purposes. However, it's not a good idea for any of the parties to do this without some sort of written agreement that clearly documents the authority under which the agency is to be discharged.Another word of caution:Before entering into any agreement, bring the agreement to an attorney and seek his advice concerning it. There are several types of possible agreements that may be used. All spell out the requirements and limitations on all parties of the agreement, and you need to know exactly what you are responsible for under the agreement. Your attorney should also instruct you in how to sign as agent under the agreement. When you are satisfied that you fully understand all the provisions of the agreement, then decide if you wish to enter into it.