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Those are Quivers.

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Q: What is the name of the bags the Indian's used to carry bow and arrows?
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What is the name of the pack in which you would carry arrows for a bow?


What is the name of a person who carry bags to the railway station?


What is the name of the bag that holds arrows and straps on your back?

Archers carry a container called a quiver on their backs to keep their arrows within arm's reach.

What is the name of a person that carry bags at the railway station?

The person is called a Porter.

What is the name of a pack in which you would carry arrows for a bow?

A Quiver is used to hold arrows and it is attach to the bow. You can also get side quiver that you wear around your waist.

What is a container for arrows?

The name given for a container for arrows is called a quiver.

A goddess that shoots arrows with 7 letters in her name?

Artemis shoots arrows.

What do you call group of arrows?

A group of arrows is referred to as a "set" of arrows. Sets of arrows are usually sold by the dozen (12), but sometimes are sold by the half-dozen (6). Sometimes a set of arrows is called a quiver (the same name as the container that holds the arrows). Another name for a "quiver" of arrows is a "sheaf" of arrows, especially when referring to large numbers of (more than one dozen) arrows. In Mediaeval times (i.e., the "Middle Ages"), particularly during the Hundred Years' War between England and France (A.D. 1336-1453), military archers would carry bundles, or "sheafs", of arrows, consisting of twenty-four (24) arrows per sheaf. Because of the huge numbers of arrows needed for each battle, those arrows were made as inexpensively and as quickly as possible; as with any mass-produced commodity, the quality of the item(s) produced tends to suffer. It is believed by some that today's cheap, lower-quality mass-produced arrows should also be called "sheaf" arrows, to help differentiate them from higher-quality custom-made arrows (but that is, after all, a matter of opinion).

What is the Name of pouch for arrows?


What is the Latin name for arrows?


What is the birth name of Money Bags?

Money Bags's birth name is Eric Smith.

What is the name given to a person that places the feathers onto arrows?

The person making the arrows is a fletcher.