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Q: What is the name of the political economic and social system in medeivel Europe in which land was held by vassals in exchange for military and other services given to overlords?
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In medeivel times what did they eat?

Meat, fish, mulled wine, Christmas pudding, swans, gooses, peacocks, mince pies, marzipan.

In medeivel times which servant shows you where to sit?

There weren't servants like that. You knew by your rank. At the head table was the Kings and the major nobles..They were the table with the salt. Next came minor nobles and their family. Finally, there was everyone else "below the salt."

Was raglan castle a typical medeivel castle?

Soem historians beleive that after the Norman invasion of Wales the was a Motte and Bailey built outside of the Welsch village of Raglan. Archeaologists have found some evidence of there being a Bailey. Although Raglan Castle as we see it today was built in the 1430s which is very late (150 years) we still see it go through the top stages of castle development as well as there being evidence of a Motte and Bailey so therefore i would say that it is a typical castle. :)