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Q: What is the name of the queen of England who vowed as a young girl I will be good?
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Which organisation was Queen Elizabeth II involved in as a young girl?

girl guides

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Airat says:girl guides

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As a young girl, Liliuokalani did not anticipate becoming queen of the Hawaiian Islands. She initially aspired to become a composer and musician. It was only after the deaths of her brother, King Kalakaua, and his successor, that she ascended to the throne.

Who was Queen Elizabith 1 of England?

Queen Elizabeth was the second daughter of Henry VIII of England. She ruled for over forty years and she known as the "Virgin Queen" and the era in which she reigned was named the "Golden Age".

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Why didn't liliuokalani think about becoming queen of the Hawaiian island when she was a young girl?

Her parents died ): (....sad)