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Q: What is the nationality of Australia?
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What is Nicoles nationality?

Megan Nicole nationality is Australia she is frommAustralia

What nationality is Megan Nicole?

Megan Nicole nationality is Australia she is frommAustralia

What was Douglas mawsons nationality?

Douglas Mawson's nationality is Australian.

What nationality is Melinda Kemp?

she is from Australia

What nationality is Melbourne?

Melbourne is in the country of Australia.

What is the nationality of the last name Landreth?


What nationality is Australia's rugby union coach?

he is a newzealander

What nationality is tennis star pat rafter?


What nationality is Matthew werkmeister?

Victoria Melbourne Australia

What nationality is superwog?

He lives in Australia and has a Greek background.

What makes Australia Australian?

Australian is the nationality, an adjective, whereas Australia is the country/island continent.

What is Julian Assange's Nationality?

Julian Assange was born in Queensland, Australia. He is Australian.