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1. The French Revolutionary Calendar. It has consumed countless hours of cross referencing dates in history for scholars and still leads to errors in numerous citations during that period. Once a major knowledge discipline in French Scholarship it has finally become a mere footnote in the textbook.

2. One of the great slaughters was put into effect during this period, where even the best guestimates of how many innocent victims were guillotined during th Reign of Terror. The guillotine was '''''not''''' one of the great inventions of the era, although it may have been an upgrade to "''Breaking on the Wheel".''

3. France lost the support of the Majority Church of Europe and involved itself in war with many countries on the basis of the separation of Church and State.

4. They ended Sundays from the Calendar which was and remains a kick-back day for many people. (What other day is reserved to watch the Bronco's beat the KC Chiefs).

5. The Phrygian Cap or ''bonnet rouge'' became a status symbol chapeau and has none of the class of a ten gallon Stetson that has been run over by a stampede or even a well worn, sweat stained Baseball cap which can tell you something about Paris fashion.

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Q: What is the negative results of the French Revolution?
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What are the results of the french revolution?

they won

Which was the results of the French Revolution?

The end of an absolute monarchy.

What was a result of phase one of the French revolution?

The abolition of the privileges of the nobility, the abolition of monarchy were two main results of the early phase of the French Revolution.

Is this french revolution positive or negative force?

It is a positive force because the French fought on the American's side.

What were the results of the revolution of 1830?

The French people unseated the monarch Charles X.

Identify results of Mao's Cultural Revolution?

Mao's cultural revolution had negative results, such as closing of schools to encourage the youth to protests. Corruption also grew and economic growth slackened.

Which was not a cause of the French Revolution?

There are a lot of things that are not results of the French Revolution. However, to give you a reasonable answer, you will need to resubmit the question with the choices.

What were some of effects of french revolution?

The negative aspects of the revolution are the guillotine and death of thousands. After the Revolution monarchy government resumed with out change. Many more revolutions happened before the French achieved a Republic.

Which statement is a valid generalization about the immediate results of the French Revolution of 1789?

The French middle class gained more power

What was the difference between the results of the french and American revolutions?

they both had different causes of their revolution, also the outcome of the American revolution was Independence if i remember. The outcome of the french revolution was the end of taxation without representation and also the peoples independence from the monarchy. I'm not sure if that helps you, but i did my best lol

Did the French Revolution give people a greater say?

There are several French Revolutions. Assuming that you are referring to French Revolution of 1789, the people as a whole did not really get a much larger say. However, the leadership shifted from being the monarchy and the nobility to a bourgeoisie dictatorship. The French Revolution of 1823 had few tangible results (this is the French Revolution of Les Miserables). The French Revolution of 1848 was successful in creating the Second Republic of France, which was promptly ended three years later by Napoleon III and the creation of the Second French Empire.

If you had been a member of the bourgeoisie would you have been satisfied with the results of Napoleon's actions?

Probably not, but Napoleon was facing the reality of the French Revolution.