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Department of Telecomunication

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Q: What is the old name of bharat sanchar nigam limited?
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What is the birth name of Sonu Nigam?

Sonu Nigam's birth name is Sonu Kumar Nigam.

What is the full name of BEML?

The full name of "beml" is bharat earth movers limited.

How do you spell nigam a last name?

The spelling "Nigam" is a surname native to India.

What was king bharat fathers name?

king dashrata was bharat's father

What is the name of Sonu Nigam's relegion?

he is a kayastha,so m i

How did India got name Bharat Vars?

King bharat all war time piriad callead bharat vars

Tell your name?


You want give news in the India tv?

my name is nidhi nigam

What is the corporate name for the Department of Telecom in India?

Bhartiya Doorsanchar Nigam

Who is the father and mother for the king bharat where India got its name as bharat?

Raja Dushyant & Shakuntala !

How do you pronounce bharat ratna?

Bharat is the ancient name of India. Bharat is pronounced "BAH - RAHT" in two syllables. Ratna is pronounced as "RAHT-NAH."

How do you write phone disconnection letter format?

Date: From : Your name and address as in your bill To Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., ________ Telecom District, (Mention area listed in your bill) To Whom It May Concern: Sub: Disconnection of Telephone Line.No : (Your No) Dear Sir/ Madam, This letter serves to request temporarily disconnect BSNL service. The reason for disconnection is since our building is undergoing renovations. As such, we request immediate disconnection of above mentioned telephone line. Please let me know if I need to follow any other procedure to get be disconnected. Quick response would be highly appreciated. Sincerely, S I G N A T U R E