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the Old-Stone Age

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The Stone Age.

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Q: What is the oldest period of human history?
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Which period was the earliest period?

The first period of human life is called pre-history

Is Chinese Culture the oldest culture in the world?

4 cultures are categlorized as the 4 oldest cultures in history.1.Babylon2.Hindu3.Chinese4.EgyptianI think Chinese culture isn't the oldest but one of the oldest in the history of human civilizations.(list is NOT ordered from oldest to latest.)

What is the oldest dinosaur period?

The oldest period is the Triassic period.

What is the time period before human history in plate tectonics?

In plate tectonics as in everything, the period before human history is the prehistoric period. Since plate tectonics have been going on since about the beginning of the planet, this is a very long period indeed, compared to which the historic period is insignificant.

What historian's call the early period of human history?

The Stone Age

What is the worlds oldest human ethnic race?

It is unclear which ethnic group is the oldest as all human populations have evolved and diversified over time. Modern humans originated in Africa and have migrated and intermixed throughout history, so there is no single "oldest" ethnic group.

What is dravidianism?

Dravidianism is the oldest "religion" in the history of human kind which later becomes Hinduism. Though it is a religion, it is more of a way of life which evolves into a religion.

What is the oldest human need?

the oldest human need is demestication of animals

What is the name of first university in Islam?

The oldest university in Islam & in the whole human history is the university of Al-Qarawiyyin in Morocco.

Who was second oldest couple in history time?

= Who was second oldest couple in history time? =

Where Human Beings In The Period Of Pre-history?

Yes, there where Human beings before the Dinosaurs, but a different kind as the humans from today

What is the third oldest human fossil?

The third oldest human fossil was a large one.