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The word History is Greek .

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Q: What is the oringin of the word history?
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From where the word technology is derived from?

oringin of technology

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What oringin is Dylan and Cole Sprouse?

they were born in Italy in 1992. then the moved to the USA when they were 4? months old.

What is the oringin of AIDS?

The virus that causes AIDS, HIV, is believed to have evolved from a virus that exists in the animal world, specifically among certain species of primates (chimpanzees and monkeys). It was transferred to humans at some point in our history where it then mutated into the virus we today call HIV.

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Why is history called history what is the answer?

the word History can be broken up into two words his and story this is where the word history came from.

What is the Tagalog word for history?

"Kasaysayan" is the Tagalog word for history. "Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas" literally means History of the Philippines.

How do you syllabicate the word history?

The word, history, is syllabicated HIS-TOR-Y

What is the definition of word history?

The word history refers to events that happened in the past.

What is the origin of the word 'history'?

The word 'history' comes from Latin and meant 'story'.

What is the Answer for word brain teaser history history history?

the past