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To provide readily available and relocatable accommodation for prisoners when the jails were overflowing and exporting them to America was stopped by the War of Independence, decommissioned ships were used.

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Q: What is the reason for prison hulks?
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In the book Great Expectations what are the prison ships called?

The prison ships in "Great Expectations" are called the "Hulks." These were decommissioned ships used as floating prisons for convicts in England during the 18th and 19th centuries.

What has the author William Branch Johnson written?

William Branch Johnson has written: 'The English prison hulks'

Why were there no women in the hulks in the 18th century?

The Reason for that wasbecause women didn't do many crimes

What has the author George Holford written?

George Holford has written: 'Statements and observations concerning the hulks' -- subject(s): Prison hulks 'An account of the general penitentiary at Millbank' -- subject(s): Millbank Penitentiary (London, England), Prisons

What has the author John Henry Capper written?

John Henry Capper has written: 'Convicts' -- subject(s): Prisoners, Prison hulks

What was it like as a convict from the first fleet before they left England?

It was the same as being on the prison hulks and prisons where the convicts had been assembled from.

What has the author W Branch Johnson written?

W. Branch Johnson has written: 'The English prison hulks' -- subject(s): Prison hulks 'Folktales of Provence' 'The Carrington diary, 1797-1810' -- subject(s): Country life 'Wolves of the channel (1681-1856)' -- subject(s): History, Naval, Naval History, Privateering

What was the purpose of british prison ships?

British prison ships were a common form of internment in Britain and elsewhere in the 18th and 19th centuries. Charles F. Campbell writes that around 40 ships of the British Navy were converted for use as prison hulks. One was established at Gibraltar, others at Bermuda, at Antigua, and off Brooklyn in Wallabout Bay and Sheerness. Other hulks were anchored off Woolwich, Portsmouth, Chatham, Deptford, and Plymouth[3]. Private companies owned and operated the hulks holding prisoners bound for penal transportation. Prison ships were also used to detain prisoners-of-war during the revolutionary wars and the Napoleonic wars. ( Wikipedia ).

What is the prison hulk?

Prison hulks were old, decommissioned vessels moored in British harbours to house prisoners from what were then overcrowded gaols. Many prisoners awaiting transportation (as a punishment, often in lieu of the death penalty) to the colonies (usually Australia, especially after the War of Independence removed the American colonies from British control) we sent to the hulks before starting their journeys to the colonies on (hopefully) more seaworthy ships.

According to the passage what is the effect of committing murder?

cause could be jail or death pentilty and a efffect is depression for family

What has the author Denise Kleinrichert written?

Denise Kleinrichert has written: 'Republican internment and the prison ship Argenta 1922' -- subject(s): History, Prisoners and prisons, Prison hulks, Argenta (Steamship), Ireland Civil War, 1922-1923

What is the ISBN of Fall of the Hulks?

The ISBN of Fall of the Hulks is 0-7851-3985-0.