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Q: What is the red uniform called that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where?
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What is a Canadian police officer called?

Canadian are famous for the mounted police they are called mounties.

Why Canadian mounties are not in Quebec?

Mounties are Federal also called Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP.

Is true that the national police of Canada are called mounties?

Probably not --------- They are actually called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 'Mounties' is just a colloquialism.

What type of saddle do Royal Canadian Mounted Police use?

For Howrse:EnglishThe police use a very comfortable English saddle Called: Stubben. it is a top of the line brand and is very nice-fitting

Why was the name NWMP changed to RCMP?

The North West Mounted Police were granted the prefix "Royal" by King Edward VII in 1904. On February 1, 1920, the Royal North West Mounted Police was merged with the Dominion Police on thereby creating the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

What are guards called in Vatican City?

The guards in the colorful costumes are members of the Swiss Guard. Those in police uniform belong to the Vatican Police.

What are the name of the different kinds of police?

In Canada, police are sometimes called Canadian mountees...and that's all i got...sorry.

Who are the canadien mountain police?

well there called the RCMP, wich stands for ( Royal Canadian Mountain Police) there special officers that are at high levels of money and crimes.

What is a ju jitsu uniform called?

The uniform is called a Gi

How many years were horses in police force?

Horses are still used in the police force in the U.K . Their division is called the mounted police, they are mainly used for crowd control, you may often see them at demonstrations or at football games outside the ground.

Why is a uniform called a uniform?

Uniform means " the same". So a soldiers costume as you called it is uniform because they all dress the same.

What is mixture called wen its non-uniform?

non-uniform can be called